With Taboola releasing their new tracking pixel earlier this month - it's a good time to remind you to ensure your pixel game is on point.

There have been countless situations where clients want to begin advertising on Facebook and other platforms, only to install that platform's pixel code when they want to launch.

This puts their campaigns at a huge disadvantage right from the get-go.

Let's look at Facebook in particular:

With the Facebook pixel, you can get a wealth of data on your website visitors and customers which can be leveraged for your campaigns.

This may include creating Custom Audiences or generating Lookalike Audiences to further expand your reach.

The problem with not having the Facebook pixel on your website well before you want to begin using it is it takes time for this data to build up (especially if you don't have a high traffic website).

Bottom line: Even if you're not actively planning on advertising on particular platforms (e.g. Facebook or Taboola), you should still look to install these pixels on your website.

They'll absolutely come in handy when you're looking to expand your marketing efforts.