Are you actively involved in digital marketing and want to be sure you always have job security?

Wake up to the results economy.

For those who have never heard that term before, here's a (very) quick primer:

The results economy (also known as the outcome economy) is where cold, hard results take precedent over anything else.

Do you have seniority within your company? Doesn't matter.

How long have you been involved in the industry? No one cares.

Are you an employee with a 6 figure salary? If you're not focused on getting better results, then you're especially at risk.

It doesn't matter if you're a marketing executive, a digital marketing coordinator, or work at an agency.

If you're involved in running digital campaigns - you're only as good as your results.

I'm not talking about the results you got last year or even last quarter.

I'm referring to the results your campaigns and efforts are generating today.

This is both a blessing and curse of working in the results economy.

Those who are focused on consistently improving their expertise and skill-sets will always be in demand.

But those who get stagnant with their skill-sets and think they're already "good enough" will be dinosaurs much faster than they think.